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5th International Symposium on Gamification and Games for Learning



Program (Wednesday 27th, F2F-Hybrid, 15.30-17.00 // 17.30 – 19.00, location Class 3.4, floor 3)
SESSION 1 (15.00):

Invited Keynote: “Back to Basics…” Carlos Vaz

ID 20: Video Games for Learning: Design considerations and its application in the video game “The Time Invaders”
ID 148: Using Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment to Improve the Experience and Train FPS Gamers
ID 141: Digital resources online for physical activity and entertainment during the COVID-19 lockdown: a case of study in Spain
ID 110: Geo-colonizing Mars: a fun way to raise awareness about environment caring and teach Geometry
ID 108: Amsawal: H5P-based learning application. A practical example for learning Tamazight.
ID 65: Assessing the usefulness of empathic design in mobile game-based learning (mGBL)
SESSION 2 (17.30):

Invited Keynote: “SerIous gaMe for Online Simulation training in healthcare: SIMOONS” Mireia Arnedo
ID 70: “Math is magic” an adaptive serious game to reinforce math competences
ID 86: Gamification as a driver of motivation in the organizations: A Bibliometric Literature Review
ID 130: Based-on gamification activity for training in occupational risk prevention in the context of the works at heigh
ID 139: GTCards: A Video Game for Learning Geometric Transformations
ID 11: Gamification: Serious Games to promote multicultural attributes at PrepaTec Morelia HighSchool
ID 16: Use of Videogames and Knowledge of Gamification in University Students
ID 136: Pervasive gaming experiences to promote active aging using the virtual voice assistant Alexa


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